Is Honey Bee Vomit?

is honey bee vomit jar

Honey bees have two stomachs; food stomach and honey stomach which is where they store nectar and water While bees do produce honey from their mouths, it is certainly not bee vomit. Bees utilize two different stomachs to store both honey and food (although honey is usually what the bee eats). The act of producing […]

Wyoming Honey

Clover Meadow Honey

Clover honey is one of the most popular kinds of honey produced in Wyoming – Credit: The Travelling Bee Co. Ranking 18th in honey production in the past few years, Wyoming is considered a significant honey producer in the US. Wyoming produces a wide range of different kinds of honey including raspberry honey, alfalfa honey, […]

Wisconsin Honey

Blackberry Honey With Blackberries

Blackberry honey is one of the main kinds of honey produced in Wisconsin Wisconsin is a significant honey producer in the United States. In 2019 Wisconsin produced 2,162,000 pounds of honey according to USDA. The main types of honey made in Wisconsin include wildflower honey, buckwheat, blackberry, and many varieties of clover honey primarily made […]

West Virginia Honey

Rosemary Honey

West Virginia honey farms produce a diverse range of honeys including rosemary honey – Credit: The Travelling Bee Co. Although West Virginia is not considered a top producer in the country, it is a prominent state for US honey production. According to the 2020 USDA report, West Virginia produced 222,000 pounds of honey from 6,000 […]

Washington Honey

Honey Bee Harvesting Fireweed Nectar In Alaska

Western honey bee collecting fireweed nectar in order to produce fireweed honey Beekeeping in Washington even transcends typical practices, as some are combining their honey-harvesting efforts with different kinds of businesses. For example, in exchange for space on the rooftop of Fairmont Olympic Hotel in Seattle, a beekeeper provides the hotel with honey for use […]

Virginia Honey

Virginia honey - Clover and Wildflower

Clover and Wildflower honeys produced in Virginia – Credit: Hott Apiary Virginia honey producer Hott Apiary produces 10,000 to 15,000 pounds of honey on a good year. The majority of this honey is primarily made by the Italian and Russian honeybees. The four main types of honey they produce are clover, wildflower, thistle, and tulip […]

Vermont Honey

Wildflower Honey

Wildflower honey is the main kind of honey produced in Vermont In the mid 19th century Vermont used to be a leading honey-producing state in New England. In the years leading up to 1968 Vermont produced 400,000 to 1,000,000 pounds of honey. Despite the decline in honey production in recent years, due to various factors, […]

Utah Honey

Bjorns Colorado Honey Lavender Honey

Lavender honey is a popular kind of honey produced in Utah – Credit: Bjorn’s Colorado honey The Utah state emblem is a beehive, and on March 4, 1959, its motto officially became “Industry” which is meant to reflect the communal work of bees. The meaning of the motto goes all the way back to the […]

Texas Honey

Sunflower Honey

Texas Honey – Credit: BeeWeaver Honey Farm The Texas honey industry is one of the largest and most productive in the United States. Though Texas has taken somewhat of a negative hit in recent years. This is mainly due to the fact that the European honey bee has been in decline across America since the […]

New Jersey Honey

Alfalfa Honey

New Jersey Honey – Credit: Hilltop Honey LLC Bees and honey have always been an important part of what came to be known as New Jersey. Centuries ago, the native Lenape Indians were very familiar with bees and their vast production of honey. They eventually came to refer to the middle of the summer (what […]