Dead Bees

Dead bees can be caused by various factors including weather, climate change and diseases During the last several years, there’s been an average annual loss of 30% of the world’s bees. In 2019, that percentage was closer to 40%. There are several reasons as to why bees are dying, but it is possible to prevent […]

Bee Brood


A bee brood consist of cells made by workers where the eggs, larvae and pupae develop A bee brood is where a queen lays the eggs for the baby bees to hatch. There are three stages in the brood: the egg, the larvae, and the pupa. The queen will go and lay eggs in each […]

Do Bees Feel Pain?


Nociceptors help bees interpret environmental threats Pain is an evolutionary necessity that was developed to protect organisms from threats and preserve the species, but not all organisms experience and perceive pain in the same manner. One unique feature of a bee that makes them stand apart from other animals is that they do not feel […]

Do Bees Die After They Sting?

Honey Bee Collecting Honeydew

Honey bees have barbed stingers that are impossible to pull out of a mammal’s skin It’s a common misconception that the majority of bees will die after they sting, however, honey bees are the only bee species that will pass after stinging. When they sting an elastic-type material, like human skin, their stinger will become […]

Bee Larvae

life cycle of a honey bee 2

In the bee development cycle the larval stage takes place between the egg and pupa Bee larvae are the centre of the bee life cycle. Once a colony is established, the queen must lay eggs directly into honeycomb cells. Those cells host the egg for a short period and give way to bee larvae. The […]