Bee Decline

Although honey bees are safe, non-managed bee species are declining due to various reasons Bee decline has been a hot topic for some time now. While many were talking about the phenomenon of colony collapse during the mid-2000s, some have pointed to recent evidence stating that Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is no longer a problem, […]

Dead Bees

Dead bees can be caused by various factors including weather, climate change and diseases During the last several years, there’s been an average annual loss of 30% of the world’s bees. In 2019, that percentage was closer to 40%. There are several reasons as to why bees are dying, but it is possible to prevent […]

Bee Pollination


Bee pollination is essential for a healthy ecosystem and our food supply While some plants are wind-pollinated or pollinated by other insects and animals, bees account for the vast majority of pollination services throughout the world. The process of bee pollination is beneficial to both the plants and the bees, as plants need an efficient […]

Bee Nests


Giant honey bee nest The most commonly thought of habitat for bees is a large hive hanging in a tree or slats of honeycomb from a beekeeper. However, most of the tens of thousands of bee species in the world today actually live by themselves or in solitary nests in a gregarious nesting community. Table […]

Bee Identification


There are between 20,000-25,000 species of bees and many of them resemble each other, making it harder to identify them Perhaps the insect that gets more than its share of bad publicity during the spring and summer months is the bee. Broadly speaking, the typical person commonly associates certain characteristics with this supposedly notorious insect: […]

Are Bees Endangered?

Honey bees are not likely to go extinct due to the fact that they are taken care of by beekeepers There is little chance that honey bees will go extinct – even with the threat of the deadly Varroa mite. Honey bees are mostly managed and domesticated by beekeepers who can oversee them and work […]


Apiphobia is the intense fear or dislike of bees Apiphobia (from Latin apis for “honey bee”) or Melissophobia (from Greek melissa for “honey bee”) is the term for abnormal fear of bees. Apiphobia is an anxiety disorder that can bring about both psychological and physiological symptoms. Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the […]

Bee Brood


A bee brood consist of cells made by workers where the eggs, larvae and pupae develop A bee brood is where a queen lays the eggs for the baby bees to hatch. There are three stages in the brood: the egg, the larvae, and the pupa. The queen will go and lay eggs in each […]

Do Bees Feel Pain?


Nociceptors help bees interpret environmental threats Pain is an evolutionary necessity that was developed to protect organisms from threats and preserve the species, but not all organisms experience and perceive pain in the same manner. One unique feature of a bee that makes them stand apart from other animals is that they do not feel […]

Why Are Bees Important?


Bees play an important role in keeping balance of the ecosystem Bees are a necessary part of the ecosystem and a common sighting around humans and animals. While some people fear bees because of stinging, bees are valuable pollinators that contribute to the balance of the ecosystem and the health of all living things. Table […]