Bee Nests


Giant honey bee nest The most commonly thought of habitat for bees is a large hive hanging in a tree or slats of honeycomb from a beekeeper. However, most of the tens of thousands of bee species in the world today actually live by themselves or in solitary nests in a gregarious nesting community. Table […]

Bee Identification


There are between 20,000-25,000 species of bees and many of them resemble each other, making it harder to identify them Perhaps the insect that gets more than its share of bad publicity during the spring and summer months is the bee. Broadly speaking, the typical person commonly associates certain characteristics with this supposedly notorious insect: […]


Apiphobia is the intense fear or dislike of bees Apiphobia (from Latin apis for “honey bee”) or Melissophobia (from Greek melissa for “honey bee”) is the term for abnormal fear of bees. Apiphobia is an anxiety disorder that can bring about both psychological and physiological symptoms. Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the […]



Wasps are part of the Hymenoptera order Hymenoptera is an order of the animal kingdom that includes wasps and bees. There are 115,000 species under this order and are primarily known for their contributions to pollinating. Hymenoptera species are characterized by two pairs of wings and three body regions. Table of Contents Add a header […]

Are Bees Insects?

are bees insects

Bees are classed as insects due to their straw-like mouth parts and mandibles Bees are insects and part of the Insecta class. They are more complex than other insects and small bugs due to their ability to create honey and be eusocial. Their unique capabilities can be confusing as to whether or not they’re an […]