Bee Decline

Although honey bees are safe, non-managed bee species are declining due to various reasons Bee decline has been a hot topic for some time now. While many were talking about the phenomenon of colony collapse during the mid-2000s, some have pointed to recent evidence stating that Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD) is no longer a problem, […]

Are Bees Endangered?

Honey bees are not likely to go extinct due to the fact that they are taken care of by beekeepers There is little chance that honey bees will go extinct – even with the threat of the deadly Varroa mite. Honey bees are mostly managed and domesticated by beekeepers who can oversee them and work […]

Why Are Bees Important?


Bees play an important role in keeping balance of the ecosystem Bees are a necessary part of the ecosystem and a common sighting around humans and animals. While some people fear bees because of stinging, bees are valuable pollinators that contribute to the balance of the ecosystem and the health of all living things. Table […]