Do Bees Sleep?

When honey bees are sleeping, their antennae, upper body and abdomen droop down, and their wings rest against their bodies It wasn’t that long ago that a researcher named Walter Kaiser discovered that honey bees do, in fact, sleep. In 1983, he observed changes in body posture that indicated forager bees were moving from an […]

Do Bees Hibernate?

Honey bees hibernating inside the hive Hibernating is most often associated with the idea of animals sleeping out the winter to conserve energy and to withstand the winter months when it’s more difficult to forage for food. Some species of bees, on the other hand, not only do not hibernate during the winter months but […]

Do Bees Fly at Night?

Bee foraging for food in the dark Most bees are active during the day, but there are some species that can and prefer to forage when it’s either dim or close to complete darkness. There are several reasons that make these night-time bees different from their daytime counterparts. Table of Contents Add a header to […]

Bee Foraging


Foraging is a dangerous task, but it is essential in order to feed and maintain a healthy hive Bees rely on the sweet nectar and pollen they gather from flowering plants to feed and nourish themselves and the rest of the colony. A typical bee may make thousands of visits to all kinds of flowers […]

Are Bees Nocturnal?

are bees nocturnal

Most honey bees are not considered nocturnal as they are generally inactive during night-time Common bees such as Western honey bees and bumblebees are not considered nocturnal, but there are bee species that are. These nocturnal bees forage and work at night or at dusk while other species of bees sleep. The differences in their […]

How Do Bees Communicate?

how do bees communicate hive

Honey bees waggle dance in front of the hive entrance Bee communication, at its core, is all about the good of the hive, not the individual bee. Indeed, when bees communicate, it is focused on sharing specific information that either leads to increased nectar collection or better processing of the available nectar into honey for […]

Can Bees Swim?

Can bees swim

When stuck in water, bees use their wings as a hydrofoil to propel themselves out Bees use their wings to escape water when caught in it. Although they don’t swim, they have their way of getting to safety. Bees will propel themselves out of the water by using their wings as a hydrofoil. Many are […]

How Do Bees Reproduce?

how do bees reproduce

Mating typically happens during warm weather as honey bees are sensitive to cold temperatures The honey bee reproduction process is not as straightforward as other creatures’. Honey bees are made up of two sexes. However, 99% of female bees never reproduce. Bee reproduction is only possible when a queen bee and a male bee mate. […]

Do Bees Poop?

bee excrement on the hive

Honey bees’ poop are yellow droplets which are the same colour as their primary food Honey bees poop just like any other creature. Their faeces are often produced in yellow droplets, the same colour as their primary foods. The honeybee digestive system is made up of multiple parts. This allows bees to process nectar and […]

Do Bees Bite?

do bees have teeth honey bee

Bees can bite in order to protect their hives and to fight against creatures that are too small to sting Bees are notorious for their stingers. While a bee’s stinger is a very important part of its survival, bees can bite as well. Biting may seem like it would be a last-resort mechanism, but it […]