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The BeesWiki project began in 2017 when our team noticed how difficult it was to develop a good understanding of bee-related topics in one location. 

The BeesWiki team quickly got to work researching, travelling and building connections with apiaries, scientists, organisations and all others involved and passionate about these essential creatures. 

Working alongside apiary managers, beekeepers, honey suppliers and industry experts, including those carrying out cutting-edge research, enables BeesWiki to provide reliable information that is beneficial to the worldwide bee-loving community.

Fast forward six years, and BeesWiki has firmly established itself as a leading source of bee-related information. 

Beekeeper Inspecting Illinois Honey Frames - City Bee Savers
Our friend Bill Whitney From City Bee Savers - An Illinois bee-friendly removal company, that also educates and is very involved within the beekeeping community! Their team of experts contributed to our Illinois Honey article.
Beechwood Honey Inspection
An apiary technician tending to the urban hives that J. Friend and Co manage. They contributed their expertise and knowledge to produce our Beechwood Honey article.

BeesWiki.com is an encyclopaedic website which provides the most up-to-date and in-depth information on bees, honey and anything in between. 

Just as bees play a crucial role in nature and our society, we will continue to expand the information available on BeesWiki.com, because educating the public about bees will be crucial for their survival.

From a bee’s life cycle to the jar of honey in your kitchen cupboard, if you’re buzzing to find out more about our pollinating friends, BeesWiki has you covered.

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