Are Bees Insects?

are bees insects
Bees are classed as insects due to their straw-like mouth parts and mandibles

Bees are insects and part of the Insecta class. They are more complex than other insects and small bugs due to their ability to create honey and be eusocial. Their unique capabilities can be confusing as to whether or not they’re an animal, insect, or bug.

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    Is a Bee an Insect, a Bug or a Fly?

    Bees are considered to be insects and not bugs. Insects and bugs are terms used interchangeably, but they are not the same.

    Bugs have piercing mouths, such as beetles. Bees’ mouthparts are straw-like for soaking up nectar and they have mandibles, which are the main reasons why they’re not classified as bugs.

    Flies are identified by how many pairs of wings they use for flying. They only use one pair for flight while bees use both pairs. Flies use their second pair of wings to balance themselves.

    Bees are not a type of fly, but some flies look like bees. Bee-flies are large and fuzzy but do not classify as part of the bee family.

    What Is an Insect?

    Insects make up the majority of arthropod species. As well as a three-part body, they have three pairs of legs, antennae, and compound eyes.

    Bees are insects in the Apoidea superfamily, which include cockroaches and wasps.

    What’s the Difference Between Insects and Bugs?

    Insects are identified by three pairs of legs and two pairs of wings. Most bugs are considered to be insects. However, insects that have piercing mouths are bugs. There are also some bug species that are not classified as insects.

    are bees insects bee
    Bees do not have a backbone structure which makes them invertebrates

    Are Bees Invertebrates?

    Bees are invertebrates because of their lack of backbone structure; in fact, bees lack any kind of bone at all. Bees’ bodies are made up of an exoskeleton which keeps their internal anatomy safe from the outside.

    Invertebrates have no spine or bones. The majority of animal species are categorized as invertebrates, while most invertebrate species are considered to be arthropods. Bees are arthropods because of their exoskeleton feature.

    What’s the Difference Between Insects, Bugs and Flies?

    Body Part Insects Bugs Flies
    Wings Two pairs of wings Two pairs of wings with front wings coloured Two pairs of wings: One for flight and the other for balance
    Eyes Compound eyes Compound eyes Compound eyes and ocelli
    Mouths Mandibles Piercing mouths called stylets Soft and spongy mouthparts

    The three categories are similar in some ways, but there are differences that show they are from different superfamilies in phylogenetics.

    Are Bees Part of the Animal Kingdom?

    All invertebrates are considered part of the animal kingdom, therefore bees are as well. Animals are defined as a major group of organisms, which essentially includes all living things besides plants and humans.

    Along with being part of the animal kingdom, bees are an integral part of the ecosystem responsible for the well-being of many plant species.

    are bees insects honey bee
    Similarly to flies, bees have compound eyes and ocelli

    What Is the Scientific Classification of Bees?

    Bees belong to the Insecta class. Insecta is essentially the taxonomic name for insects. Bee taxonomy is made up of different classification levels which can be referred to as orders.

    Bees are classified as Anthophila. This is a specific classification within the Apoidea superfamily. Within Apoidea, 5,700 species of bees belong to Apidae. This includes honeybees and bumblebees.

    • Animalia: The Animal Kingdom
    • Arthropoda: The Arthropod group (phylum) has exoskeletons
    • Insecta: The class to which bees belong.
    • Hymenoptera: The order that includes bees and wasps.
    • Apidae: The specific family pertaining to bee species.
    • Apis: The genus that branches out to certain bee species.

    Are Wasps Insects Too?

    Not only are wasps insects, but they are in the same order as bees and ants. Orders are referred to the taxonomic rank after classes, which is in the Hymenoptera in this case.

    Are Wasps In The Same Family As Bees?

    Although bees and wasps are both in Hymenoptera, they’re not in the same family. Bees belong to the family Apidae while wasps are within the family Vespidae. Vespidae includes 400 wasp species, including yellowjackets.

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