Iowa Honey

Italian Honey Bee Feeding on Bee Balm

Clover honey is one of the most popular types of honey produced in Iowa state While it is generally accepted in the scientific community that the western honey bee (Apis mellifera) arrived from England with early settlers, there are also fossil records to suggest that similar honey bees called North America home over 14 million […]

Florida Honey

Honey Bees Collecting Nectar From Purple Coneflowers

Florida is popular for it’s production of Orange Blossom honey Spanish explorers were first to introduce honey bees to the state of Florida in the early 1600s, and the first hives were brought to Pensacola, Florida, by English settlers in 1763. According to The History Of Beekeeping in the United States, honey bees were well […]

Delaware Honey

Carniolan Bee Collecting Nectar

Wildflower honey is one of the most popular types of honey Delaware state produces It’s not known exactly when honey bees were first spotted in Delaware, but it’s generally recognized that the bees were first introduced on the east coast in the 17th century and then moved gradually westward. Table of Contents Add a header […]

Hawaii Honey

Honey Farm in Maui Hawaii

Hawaii Honey Producers Extracting Honey – Credit to Maui Bees Inc. Hawaii consistently turns out high quantities of honey per hive, and in 2018, it produced 103 pounds per colony – the highest in the nation. In 2019, the yield has dropped a bit, but it still ranks as one of the most efficient honey-producing […]

Kentucky Honey

European Honey Bee collecting nectar from a white flower

Kentucky honey is produced by the European honey bee and its many subspecies Most of Kentucky honey comes from multi-floral mixes, resulting in large amounts of wildflower honey produced in the state. As per the USDA report, the state had produced 365,000 pounds of honey from 4,000 different colonies. Table of Contents Add a header […]

Louisiana Honey

Honey bees on honeycomb

Louisiana honey is typically produced between May and July depending on the region of the state The origins of the production of Louisiana honey are currently unknown, however, the popularity of beekeeping has grown so significantly in the past few decades that in 2018 the state produced 3,735,000 pounds of honey from a total of […]

Illinois Honey

Honey Bee Extracting Alfalfa Nectar

Illinois Honey Farm – Credit: Sunny Hill Honey Illinois honey has been around since the 1820s according to Everett Oertel. Since then, beekeeping grew in popularity in the state. USDA reports show that Illinois produced 429,000 pounds of honey in 2019. The most popular types of honey available in the state are clover and wildflower, […]

Massachusetts Honey

Two Honeybees Extracting Orangeblossom Nectar

Massachusetts honey producers make large amounts of wildflower honey due to the state’s wide variety of floral sources In a way, Massachusetts is the home of modern beekeeping, since it is the native state of Lorenzo L. Langsroth, the “father of beekeeping.” He invented the modern “Langsroth hive” in 1851, which is still the standard […]

Maryland Honey

European Honey Bee Pollinating Avocado Flower

European honey bee pollinating avocado flower in order to make avocado honey for Maryland honey producers Maryland honey is produced primarily by European honey bees and mainly for commercial purposes. In 2018 the state had produced over 100,000 pounds of honey from a variety of flowers such as clover, aster, buttonbush, and more. During the […]

Maine Honey

Black Locust Honey

Black locust honey is a popular variety amongst Maine honey producers The first documented appearance of honey bees in what would become the state of Maine occurred in 1630, and since then, bees have had a strong presence in the state. Table of Contents Add a header to begin generating the table of contents What […]